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Gutter Guard Patents

“To hold a patent that has changed the modern world would define you as an innovator. To hold more than one patent of this caliber would define you as a true leader.”

Edward “Alex” Higginbotham holds more US and international patents in the field of microfiltration gutter guards and licenses his patent portfolio.  His technology represents the 19th and 20th core advancements in gutter guards since the 1880s.  The Higginbotham patents are the foundation for the advancements in the gutter guard industry related to microfiltration.

Karen Sager has now also joined Alex as a patent holder in’s portfolio.

A patent consists of claims.  Each claim describes and protects something independently unique or covers a specific point dependent one of the main claims.  Once a claim is granted and the patent is issued by the USPTO, no other party can be granted a claim on the same unique technology or feature.  It is possible for a third party to patent an additional feature or enhancement to the original patented idea, but they cannot incorporate it with or into the underlying technology without the original patent holder’s approval., the manufacturer of MasterShield Gutter Protection, has been Higginbotham patents’ Exclusive Licensee for these patent since March 2008, with Exclusive License rights in metal to Patent 6,598,352.   As new patents are issued, they become a part of the portfolio.  The use of the Patents and Trademarks we license or own by any other entity is an infringement of our legal rights and is open to prosecution. has an Exclusive License Contract and are the only company in the United States, Canada and Australia legally entitled to manufacture and supply gutter guard products to our patented specifications.


In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Edward Higginbotham, Karen Sager and’s rights in the United States Patents listed on this site and associated with gutter guards.  Links will take you directly to the website.


Patent 6,598,352  Self Cleaning Gutter Shield

Patent 7,191,564  Self Cleaning Shield

Patent 7,913,458  Self Cleaning Shield

RE42,896  Reissue of Self Cleaning Gutter Shield

RE43,555  Reissue of Self Cleaning Gutter Shield

Patent 8,397,436  Self Cleaning Shield

Patent 11,549,266  Agent dispersing method

Other US patents pending

Klean Gutter

Patent 6,951,077  Non Clogging Screen

Patent 7,174,688  Non Clogging Screen

Patent 8,006,438  Non Clogging Screen

Patent 9,010,029 Self Cleaning Shield

Patent 11,549,266  Agent dispersing method

Other US patents pending


Patent 8,312,677  Non Clogging Screen

Patent 9,010,029 Self Cleaning Shield

Other US patents pending

Other gutter guard technologies in the patent portfolio of

Patent 11,686,098  Filtration Device

Patent 10,538,920  Agent Dispersing Method

Patent 10,982,447  Diverter with Filtering Mesh

Patent 8,635,811 Screened Gutter Protection

Patent 8,528,262 Gutter-locking Gutter Protection

Patent 8,474,192 Screened Gutter Protection

Alex Higginbotham also holds two Canadian patents and two Australian patents, with several other patents pending in these jurisdictions.