Do any of these people sound like you?

  • You’re a contractor looking for a single box of micro mesh gutter guards because your customer asked you to install them.
  • You install gutters for all the major contractors in your market and you want to offer a gutter cover that can set you apart from other gutter installers.
  • You’re a remodeler adding in a gutter guard for free when you install a roof or siding and you want something different.
  • You want to sell a gutter guard but you don’t want to market a gutter guard and compete against everyone vying for customers at the local home show.
  • You clean gutters or windows and you’re the person that gets asked, “which gutter cover should I choose for my home?”

Some version of any of these scenarios could be you.  Quality is important, but so is price.  You’re not out there looking to charge what you feel is an arm and a leg for a gutter cover.

MicroMax Gutter Covers“I don’t want to get burned.”

“It has to make sense.”

“It’s got to be affordable.”

“I’ve got to make a decent profit.”

Let’s face it, you’re in front of your customers and these are not the folks with fancy German cars in their driveways.  They’re hard-working Americans who rely on you to go out and do a good job installing whatever they’ve got you out to install.

MicroMax is the product you need.  It’s a quality product without a huge pricetag.  It’s the gutter cover that remodelers, gutter installers and roofers alike all say “I love it.”  And what’s not to love when your installers are happy, your sales team is happy and your spouse is happy because you’re happy!

Giving you a product that makes you that happy is something we’re proud of.