Gutter Guards for the Discerning Contractor

Paterson, NJ USA


MicroMax Gutter Guard

Micromax pro plan differentiates your gutter business from the pack

Fast installation to match how you install

MicroMax comes in panels designed for how you install gutter guards now: drop in over the gutter or slide in under the shingle.

Third Party Tested

Search YouTube to see how MicroMax (sold as LeafLock) performed against other filter only systems in a multi-month test.

It’s MicroMax’s performance that helps you build trust and more referrals. 

MicroMax Gutter Guard

Fully enclosed system

End caps can be custom made right in the panel and wrap to enclose any open area at the back of the gutter

When performance matters, MicroMax has your back. No need to rely on tail light warranties. You’ll be proud of your workmanship and that can completely change how you run your business.

Keep those margins you’ve earned, with the lowest callback rates in the industry.

WHo this is for

If you’re  selling gutters and guards now or are a roofer, solar or home services company, selling a value added gutter guard may be right for your business.

We’re looking for companies like yours looking to move forward more profitably and smarter. We can help them achieve their goals faster than going it alone.

The strength of any dealer network lies in the company you keep. We strive to create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs hungry for profitability and growth. 

They are not only successful, experienced, and ambitious, but consider themselves humble, open-minded and ethical.

These are the kind of people we genuinely enjoy spending time with. With this in mind, here are the key requirements to work with us:

  • You put in the work to make things happen
  • Learning by doing is naturally part of your mindset
  • Your team is as committed to your goals as you are
  • Settling for good isn’t how you built your business to where it is today
  • Someone should always be changing for the better to get ahead and that person is you

"My business now sells something everyone else doesn't have. I started with another product and now I don't have issues with dripping and overflow callbacks."


2+ years in current business

Existing Organization

You have a team to help you install and market


Your business generates around $75K a month


Genuine desire to grow sales and profits in 1-2 years

Values Matter

Willingness to share and openminded to new ideas


Able to put the sweat equity into making things happen

Who this is not for:

Through MicroMax’s Pro program, our mission is to support dealers in accomplishing their unique entrepreneurial goals.

We accomplish this by providing expert mentorship, proven models, and fostering trusted relationships.

The Pro program is designed to empower dealers to scale their companies, attain their desired exit strategies, and ultimately create lasting wealth.

Our approach: set the highest bar for performance

We aim to work with a select, like-minded dealer network that insists on and delivers the best. No one wants to realize a product they’ve invested in hasn’t lived up to expectations in a few short years. We deliver success stories which lead to partnerships and trust in a product that lasts.