Who is MGP – Microfiltration Gutter Products?

What are microfiltration gutter products? Who is MGP? Find out how you can take advantage of the patented technology we’ve brought to the gutter protection industry.

Before you invest in just any gutter guard, learn more about Microfiltration Gutter Products, or MGP, the only company to work with industry innovator Alex Higginbotham.

Why Chose Microfiltration Gutter Products

Want to learn why home improvement companies, respected contractors and facilities managers choose MGP?  It’s because of Alex.  His teachings, often caught on video, strike people as just making sense.  His technology outperforms the competition.  Watch our video to learn more about MGP:

Our technology works so well, we’ve got dealers with no call backs.  That, in a large part is due to their quality work and attention to detail, but without the right microfiltration gutter guard, featuring Higginbotham technology, even their teams wouldn’t have the track record they have today.

Think this should be you?  If so, the time to act is now.

MGP’s Background

Testing Microfiltration Gutter products

MGP’s Alex Higginbotham testing the performance of a flat microfiltration gutter guard where its surface is covered with debris.

In 2001, Alex Higginbotham’s self-cleaning microfitration technology became the 19th fundamental advancement in gutter guards.  He also holds the 20th advancement, through his expanded metal and microfiltration technologies.  He remains the only inventor with core technologies in gutter protection still patent protected.

Currently, Alex Higginbotham holds nine US patents, two Canadian patents and one Australian patent.  He has several other patents pending in all three countries.

While others have joined the niche, no one else has been able to achieve a patent on the core technology that makes microfiltration possible.  Frankly, they can’t, it’s been issued to someone else–Alex Higginbotham and MGP licenses his patent portfolio.

“Stainless steel filters” are not all the same and remain only one element of what makes Higginbotham technology perform to such a high standard.  Without the patented Higginbotham technology, stainless steel filters will clog and fail.  Or to make “stainless steel filters” work, the filter just get opened up to where they’re no different from the gutter screens first patented in the 1890s.   We don’t see the value in spending extra on an 1890s design.

If you see value in working with the leader in microfiltration performance and technology, contact us about adding one of our products to your business.  That may be MasterShield gutter guards, our premiere, dealer installed product, or Clean Gutter gutter guard, our less restrictive product.