MasterShield Gutter Protection

MGP's MasterShield Gutter ProtectionWe’re looking for the right company to become part of the exclusive network of MasterShield Gutter Protection dealers.  Looking for an exclusive territory and the opportunity to build a well respected brand in your market?

MasterShield Gutter Protection is the Industry Gold Standard.  It can perform in ways that no other system, including our own Clean Gutter, can.  We’re positioning MasterShield as the most trusted name in the industry because it will perform as we promise when installed to our specifications.

But it takes a serious commitment to brand building to represent this product.  And, frankly, not every business is up to that task.

We don’t make it hard.  Unlike others, there are no upfront fees charged just for the opportunity.  We have all the marketing collateral you’ll need for shows and events, print ads, television commercials, PPC programs, you name it.  You’ll have access to other dealers in our program to learn from them and to interact with.  Why? Because with exclusive territories, successful dealers are willing to share what to do because it only serves to help the entire program.

What do we expect?  For you to brand the product and strive to be the top gutter protection system in your market.  We’ll also want footage targets from you in exchange for exclusivity.  If you can’t meet them, we’ll suggest you sell our Clean Gutter brand.

Brand building takes a financial commitment in getting the name out, so you’ll need the appropriate resources to make this happen.

Why MasterShield Gutter Protection is a Great Opportunity

Despite the real estate environment, the  home improvement industry continues to generate opportunities due to an aging housing stock, homeowners living longer in their homes and a population aging but choosing stay in their family home.

The demographics of our society only help a product like a dealer installed gutter protection system. Baby Boomers are increasing nearing retirement age.  Multi-income families have sufficient disposable income, yet struggle with time constraints to get necessary projects done.  There’s also an entire segment of the population that chose to focus on their career and never spent the time to learn the skill set that accompanies home ownership.

Our society has shifted to a  “do it for me” mentality.  Potential customers still have challenges finding the right product, but there is a shift in social proof to the patented microfiltration technology of MGP.   Successfully brand MasterShield Gutter Protection in your market and leverage the fact that people want their time back and a key element in accomplishing it is a maintenance free home.