Gutter Guards for the Discerning Contractor

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MasterShield Gutter Protection

Continuous improvement is the key to our unbeatable track record

MasterShield Gutter Protection

CopperCare™ Micromesh

This multi-patented, exclusive custom stainless steel and copper mesh kills moss, algae, and other organics before they overwhelm your gutter guard. Only found in brands!

hydrovortex action

This technology changes the forward flow of water over the trough to pull water through the filter, even vertically. Most guards rely on the gutter lip to do most of the work, but that should be your last line of defense, not your first. Water flows through in the first 1/2 inch of the filter.

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Fully enclosed interlocking system

End caps can be custom-made right from the panel. is the only brand to interlock the system panels to present a seamless look and eliminate gaps or entry points that let in critters or debris while strengthening the entire system.

Across different roof types and sizes of gutters, MasterShield’s state-of-the-art technology offers your business peak performance from a gutter guard. It’s the product that consistently gets the most updated technology.

Unlike other covers, MasterShield is intentionally pitched to match your customer’s roofline while maintaining a connection to the roofing material above it.

This keeps the flow of water where it’s easily redirected into the gutter over the trough, keeping it away from the classic rot problem areas at the fascia.

MasterShield relies on HydroVortex technology to pull water down through the filter, so it’s inside the enclosed system. Water that travels over a filter and needs gravity to flow through often overshoots the gutter.

If you’re looking for a product that instantly differentiates itself, wins top honors in long-term tests, and delivers results that others can’t stand behind confidently, you’re in the right place.

MasterShield comes in 14 colors, including pure copper panels. It’s the most versatile when it comes to gutter styles. It’s drip edge keeps gutters from tiger striping.

MasterShield isn’t just a gutter guard. It’s whole roof protection where it matters most: at the roof edge. It’s designed to save shingles, fascia, roof decks, and more from expensive damage.

WHo this is for

If you’re a remodeler, roofer, solar, or home services company, adding a high-margined, fast-to-cash gutter guard may be a foundational product line to add to your business. Our fast-to-cash model has helped dozens of companies strategically change how they approach cash flow.

We aim to identify businesses prioritizing profitable and intelligent growth to achieve their objectives more efficiently through partnership rather than pursuing them individually.

The strength of any dealer network lies in the individuals it comprises. We strive to create a community of accomplished remodelers that like to think outside the box to improve performance. 

They’re not only successful but also possess humility. They’re highly experienced yet open-minded. They’re ambitious but never unethical.

These are the kind of people we genuinely enjoy working with.

The critical requirements for becoming a MasterShield dealer are:

  • You and your team put in the work to make things happen
  • Learning by doing is a natural part of your mindset
  • Your team is as committed to your goals as you are
  • You don’t settle for good; it isn’t how you built your business to where it is today
  • You believe selling value and not discounting has been vital to your success

"We work in one of the toughest markets in the country for rain, fir needles and moss and we don't get call backs on MasterShield covers not working as promised."


4+ years in current business

Existing Organization

Marketing, Sales, Production teams in place


Business line(s) with $7M+ Annual Revenue


Genuine desire to grow sales and profits by $1M+ in 1-2 years

Values Matter

Willingness to share and openminded to new ideas


Able to put the sweat equity into making things happen

Note: The noted quantitative requirements don’t guarantee or preclude a MasterShield dealership.

We believe qualitative measures to be as important and cover them during our discovery and onboarding processes.

Who this is not for:

MasterShield’s mission is to support dealers to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

We do this by providing expert mentorship, proven models, and fostering trusted relationships.

Our program is designed to empower dealers to scale their companies, attain their desired exit strategies, and ultimately create lasting wealth.