Do you already sell gutter protection?  Are you frustrated putting your marketing dollars into a brand that’s old and people aren’t responding to anymore?  Can anyone make that design, so you’ve got almost 40 identical products to yours on the market or at every show?

Do you take pride with the products you sell? Will only the best, patented, state of the art technology do for you and your customers? Then consider joining the network of MasterShield dealers.

MasterShield dealers sell genuine patent protected Higginbotham technology.  They also get the premier gutter guard in the industry.  It has features that aren’t built into other designs that make it work better season after season.

“I was concerned when some other gutter guards that had a micro mesh in them starting advertising in Atlanta.  But it didn’t take long for contractors selling the products to become frustrated.  Why?  They were clogging with our heavy pollen.  Now, the product is piled up in their warehouses, unsold.  And in all that time, I’ve continued to sell MasterShield with no problems or callbacks.  It’s not about looks, it’s about performance.  MasterShield just works differently, so I don’t have the issues they’ve had.”  K. Bowers

If having a product that differentiates you is important, then consider joining the network of MasterShield dealers. You’ve got to have a passion for gutter guards, a competitive nature, because we want your goal to be to make the product the number one gutter guard in your market.  If that’s not your character, consider one of our other products.

“It’s quite simple. We could sell anything, but we choose to sell MasterShield.”  F. Resnick

Persnickety? Picky? Exacting? Then a MasterShield dealership could be right for you.

MasterShield Gutter Protection offers:

  • the opportunity to work with the innovator in microfiltration, Alex Higginbotham
  • proven gutter guard technology rated Best-In-Field by independent testers
  • Five broad US technology patents protecting this design of microfiltration gutter protection
  • Ice Shield, our heated gutter protection
  • bold, bright, and informative marketing materials
  • product shipments which arrive when you want them to
  • exclusive territories

We’ve had one call back with MasterShield in the last three years, and that was to move a downspout.” J. Gauwitz

Before you invest in a gutter guard program, do your homework on the technology you’re going to sell.   You may find this post on being a gutter guard dealer helpful.

If you think a MasterShield dealership is the right product for you, contact us today.