Klean Gutter

Don’t want to commit to a dealer program but want a genuine microfiltration leaf guard?  Look no farther than Klean Gutter!

Buying  a leaf guard doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, you can probably pick up all the usual culprits–screens, curves or sponges–at your local supply house or big box store.

After years of only selling his technology through an exclusive network of dealers, inventor Alex Higginbotham created a microfiltration gutter guard with no strings attached.  No upfront territory fees.  No footage commitments.  No song and dance numbers.  Buy enough for a few jobs and keep the homeowners that ask you for an opinion on your choice in gutter guards or turn it into a business that you actively promote and market.

Clean Gutter pitched like the roof

Note the amount of debris that gets trapped with a flat gutter guard. Clean Gutter is pitched so leaves and pine needles are less likely to collect on the system

Klean Gutter consists of a 316 surgical grade stainless steel filter over a body of expanded aluminum.  It is designed to compete against less effective designs like Leaf Solution and Rhino Gutter Guard. It’s designed with a 75% larger water receiving area than either of those products and is engineered to eliminate call backs for trapping debris.  It also can be heated using our patent pending heating process, giving you the opportunity to upsell another feature if icicles are an issue.

Built into Klean Gutter is a new, patent-pending technology designed from Alex Higginbotham’s three other expanded metal and microfilter patents.  This latest improvement needs fewer downward extensions to effectively pull water through and into the gutter.

Klean Gutter is designed to be pitched with the roof line so that debris will naturally shed.  Products that sit flat can trap debris like a shelf; installations like this typically frustrate homeowners once debris has built up on the system.  Pitching with the roof line eliminates call backs because the filter has a better chance of self cleaning.

Klean Gutter can be Private Labeled

Klean Gutter can be private labeled.  We offer contractor pricing for minimum order sizes that won’t raise your eyebrows, but allow you to profit on the value you add to your customers by installing a system for them.

For more information about the Klean Gutter product, contact info@micromeshgutterguards.com or call Joe “Hutch” Hutchings at 201-800-1932.

Visit the Klean Gutter website here.