Gutter Guards for the Discerning Contractor

Paterson, NJ USA


Klean Gutter Leaf Guard

Cutting edge features that Deliver Unbeatable Protection

CopperCare™ Micromesh

This multi-patented, custom woven stainless steel and copper mesh kills moss, algae, and other organics before they overwhelm your gutter guard.


This downward seam over the trough takes water in at virtually any angle. Most guards rely on the gutter lip to do most of the work, but that should be your last line of defense, not your first.

Fully enclosed system

End caps can be custom made right in the panel. is the only brand to interlock the system panels to present a seamless look, eliminate gaps that let in critters or debris all while strengthening the system.

Across different roof types and sizes of gutters, Klean Gutter’s state-of-the-art technology offers your business peak performance from a gutter guard.

Unlike all other covers, Klean Gutter is intentionally pitched to match your customer’s roofline while maintaining a connection to the roofing material above it.

This keeps the flow of water where it’s easily redirected into the gutter over the trough which keeps it away from the classic rot spot at the fascia.

Klean Gutter also uses a unique “cheese grater effect” to pull water through the filter, so it’s instantly inside the enclosed system. Water that travels above is more likely to overflow the gutter.

Don’t you want to install a gutter guard designed the way you’d want it to work in the first place?

With 75% more surface area than the competition and patent protected CopperCare™ micromesh unique to products, Klean Gutter is a killer combo that keeps your customer’s gutters flowing freely.

When performance matters, Klean Gutter has your back.  Keep those margins you’ve earned, with the lowest callback rates in the industry.

WHo this is for

If you’re a remodeler, roofer, solar or company that services or installs products around the home, selling a gutter guard may be right for your business.

We’re looking for companies like this looking to move forward more profitably and smarter than the competition to achieve their goals faster than going it alone.

The strength of any dealer network lies in the individuals it comprises. We strive to create a community of accomplished remodelers that also consider themselves entrepreneurs. 

They are not only successful (but also possess humility), experienced (yet open-minded), and ambitious (but never unethical).

These are the kind of people we genuinely enjoy spending time with. With this in mind, here are the key requirements for becoming a member of the Klean Gutter dealer network:

  • You put in the work to make things happen
  • Learning by doing is naturally part of your mindset
  • You’re team is as committed to your goals as you are
  • Settling for good isn’t how you built your business to where it is today
  • Someone should always be changing for the better and that person is you

"The unique and effective design provides the performance and dependability our customers can count on for many years to come"


4+ years in current business

Existing Organization

Marketing, Sales, Production teams in place


Business line(s) with $7M+ Annual Revenue


Genuine desire to grow sales and profits in 1-2 years

Values Matter

Willingness to share and openminded to new ideas


Able to put the sweat equity into making things happen

Note: The noted quantitative requirements don’t guarantee or preclude a Klean Gutter dealership.

We believe qualitative measures to be as important and cover them during our discovery and onboarding processes.

Who this is not for:

Klean Gutter supports and guides dealers in accomplishing their individual entrepreneurial aspirations.

We accomplish this by providing expert mentorship, proven models, and fostering long term, trusted relationships.

Our program is designed to empower dealers to scale their companies, attain their desired exit strategies, and ultimately create lasting wealth.

Our approach: set the highest bar for performance

We aim to work with a select, like-minded dealer network that insists on and delivers the best. No one wants to realize a product they’ve invested in hasn’t lived up to expectations in a few short years. We deliver success stories which lead to partnerships and trust in a product that lasts.