Heated Gutter Guards

Looking for heated gutter guards known for their performance that will eliminate icicles, too?

If you live in a cold climate and have poor attic insulation or ventilation, you’ll appreciate heated gutter guards, which can stop icicles from forming and causing entrance ways to become dangerous for a homeowner.

Heated Gutter Guards from MGP

If you want the year round benefits of a gutter guard but not the effects of what happens when they get covered with snow and ice, then MGP’s Heated Gutter Guards offer you more options and better protection than any other gutter guards.

Plain and simple, gutters are just not designed to work in the wintertime, when they naturally fill with snow and ice in cold climates.  Since most gutter protection is installed in the spring through fall, most homeowners are unaware of how their new system will perform in winter weather.

What happens to your gutters when it snows?  They freeze, of course. And if you install a gutter guard, they freeze, too.  Frozen gutters with or without gutter guards can cause:

  • Slippery stoops, driveways and walkways
  • Unexpected ice breaking off, potentially hitting someone
  • Ice dams

With heated gutter guards from MGP, you can have all the benefits of a micro-mesh gutter guard and be free of the icicles that plague most systems all winter long.

Our Features

What separates MGP from all other heated gutter guards is that you won’t lose any features of our products when they’re heated.  That means you get 100% Higginbotham technology along with our patent-pending approach to heating gutter guards.  Why accept half a micro-mesh system just to heat a gutter guard?  If you wind up reducing the water receiving area, how will it perform the rest of the year?  With MGP, you won’t have to compromise!

  • our thin profile allows heat to efficiently transfer through more of our framing than thicker bodied products
  • You can adapt the heat so that one continuous cable can be used outside of the gutter guard.  This means cables can be adapted for use in roof valleys, around skylights and in other troublesome areas
  • We heat under our filter, which is greater than 50% open airspace.  That means that you get more heat directly where you want it, not heat conducting through solid metal!

Our Benefits

MGP heated gutter guards are adaptable.  While in most instances a single row of heat cable is enough to provide ample protection from icicles forming, there may be places like under a skylight where you lose more heat through your roof.  MGP’s heat cable placement is flexible, so you can add extra heat to a single panel or two, if necessary.

Our heating methodology is affordable.  This system is designed to fit many budgets.  Depending on your climate, your heating requirements can vary, and we can design your system to your needs.  We install the same heating cables available to everyone in the industry.

You can install it at a later date.  Not sure if heated gutter guards are in the budget?  Your MGP installer can retrofit our heat cable to your gutter guard at any time you choose.


Most gutter protection systems are made of aluminum, a material that is naturally retains heat and cold.  These systems freeze and thaw quickly, resulting in large waterfalls of icicles forming across entire gutter runs.  Icicles can form in lengths greater than three feet, resulting in hazardous conditions, particularly around steps and entranceways.  Some systems have the capability of adding ice deflectors that may partially deflect the problem in a small area, but these deflectors tend to be stopgap measures that only exaggerate the problem elsewhere.

One of the more hazardous conditions that can develop on a roof/gutter is an ice dam.  Ice dams can form for a multitude of reasons, most related to the roof and how well the roof is insulated near the soffits.  When ice dams occur, water can unfortunately be forced under the roof shingles, which ultimately can result in water entering your home.

The Better Heating Methodology

Heating a gutter guard can make no promises about eliminating ice dams because they can form higher up the roof where the heated gutter guard cannot reach.

What MGP can create is a gutter guard with maximum heat disbursement.  Consider the heating methodology of most systems.  They install the heat cable in a completely enclosed channel.  The heat must disperse through solid metal before coming in contact with the snow or ice that you’re trying to melt.

An example of this can be illustrated with your stove. Turn on your heating element and put your hand over it.  It gets too hot to hold your hand there very quickly.  Next, take a frying pan and put it between the heat source and your hand.  What’s happened? You feel nothing!  The heat has been redirected into heating the pan.  The same thing will happen with your heat cable in other gutter guards.  Less of its initial heat will reach the snow or ice you want to melt.

Once the pan gets hot, it will still never get to the temperature of the heat source.  The heat will always want to disperse itself through the metal.

What does that mean for you? It means your spending money to heat something other than the problem you’re trying to fix in the first place.

By placing the heating cable under our wire mesh, we’ve allowed more heat to disperse through open air rather than through metal.  It just makes sense to re-engineer heated gutter guards to perform to a new standard.