Heated Gutter Guard

All MGP products can be heated if snow or ice are a problem.  Our patent-pending heating methodology creates a heated gutter guard with heat exactly where it can do the most good, under the filter.

Heated gutter guards have been accomplished the same way for the last 20 years.  A distinct channel is added in somewhere under the solid surface of a gutter guard where a heating cable can be placed.  The location is predetermined and, before the cable can impact any snow or ice that’s formed, you have to heat up the gutter guard to a warm enough temperature to melt anything it comes in contact with.

MGP Re-Engineers the Heated Gutter Guard

heated gutter guards

Can you even see the gutter with all the snow and ice? Eliminate the problem with heated gutter guards

Try this when you’re next in your kitchen or by a heater.  Take your palm and place it close to the heat source.  Your hand gets hot very quickly, right?  Now try doing it again, but taking a pan and placing it between your hand and the heating element.  What happened?  Did you feel any heat at all?  Probably not.  You’ll likely have to wait several minutes before the pan gets hot enough to radiate enough heat for your hand to notice.  In fact, even once it is hot enough, you’ll likely be able to keep your hand in place over the pan for an extended period of time.

The design team at MGP realized this and so we designed a way to place the heating element under the very porous filter where the heat could continue to move through open air, rather than under a solid surface where we had to rely on the “pan effect” to create a heated gutter guard.

Heated Gutter Guard Requests are Growing in Colder Climates

The side effects of adding a gutter guard to a gutter can really frustrate homeowners in the winter when they have to deal with dripping icicles turning their entranceways into ice rinks.  Many become completely frustrated because they feel like this effect was never shared with them before they bought the gutter guard.

MGP has always made a point about being upfront about the effect of snow and ice, despite the fact that the industry has kept this as one of their “secrets” for more than 20 years.  You can be upfront about addressing the point with the homeowner and let them decide if they want heated gutter guards.

Best of all, heating any of our products can be done retroactively.  If  a heated gutter guard isn’t in someone’s budget this year, they can always call you back in the future to add this feature to any of our products.