Gutter Guard Videos

  Video Above:  About MGP and the Gutter Guard Problems We’ve Solved

We’ve mentioned it’s the videos of Alex Higginbotham that have made people pick up the phone and want to sell one of our products.  Why?  Because he knows his stuff.  Because through his grass roots  gutter guard videos, you quickly get the sense he’s the real thing.

Watch what’s convinced others to sell Higginbotham technology.  You’ll only find Alex in videos for MGP products.  Everyone else films their sales staff or a hired talking head.  Who would you want to learn about micro mesh technology from?  The guy with nine patents or someone else?

Highlights of Gutter Guard Videos featuring Alex Higginbotham

1.  Why you don’t have to be thick to be strong.

2.  Testing with Oil, Syrup and Honey

3. Why pitch a gutter guard (particularly microfiltration) with the roof

4.  Microfiltration Gutter Protection in the Snow (Unheated)

For even more videos, visit the MasterShield or Gutter Guard Reviews channels on YouTube.