How Can We Help Your Gutter Cover Business?

Over the last ten years, Alex Higginbotham’s technology has been the basis for some of the most successful companies in the gutter cover business.  MGP will put in your hands a gutter cover you can sell with ease and stand behind with confidence.

Your Business can Grow with an MGP Gutter Cover

Higginbotham videoing the performance of a gutter cover

It’s grass roots, but what’s better than an inventor that sets up a testing station for gutter covers on a real home. Can’t imagine what the neighbors think, but if it gets you a better product, no harm done!

MGP products are the crowning achievement of gutter industry innovator, Alex Higginbotham.  You can grow your business with a product that has his technological pedigree behind it:

  • the very first micromesh gutter cover, patented by Alex Higginbotham in 2003
  • the first fine mesh gutter cover that permanently keeps out pine and fir needles
  • the first and only gutter cover to eliminate dripping at the seams
  • the first gutter cover with a built in drip-edge over the gutter lip to end tiger striping
  • the only under the shingle installation methodology approved by two major roofing manufacturers
  • the first micromesh designed to pitch with the roof to better shed debris
  • the only gutter cover (MasterShield) that can take water vertically
  • the only micromesh with a flexible back to customize installations
  • the first and only interlocking micromesh gutter cover to interlock (MasterShield)
  • the first and only gutter guard that allow for adjustable heating location and intensity

And we’re just getting started.  We’re testing several new features that address other issues gutters and gutter covers have to deal with when exposed to the elements.

What do you think working with MGP is right for you?  Are you looking for a gutter cover with an exclusive territory where you’ll be expected to strive to be the Number One product in your market?  Or is it a gutter cover you can buy as you need it and know your customers will be happy?  Could it be a private label brand for your franchise or customer base?

What can MGP do for you?

Contact our team and let’s talk about growing your business!