Klean Gutter

Looking for a gutter guard without all the strings of a dealer program?  Just want a quality product that’s simple to order and arrives quickly?  Look no further than Klean Gutter!Klean Gutter on a gutter with fall leaves

You can now buy a microfiltration gutter guard that’ll outperform most dealer installed systems!

Klean Gutter is designed for the contractor who doesn’t want to commit to all the constraints of a dealer program.  You can get the technology benefits of a gutter guard from the inventor of the microfiltration gutter guard industry, Alex Higginbotham.  He is the inventor of LeafFilter®, MasterShield® and several other well known microfiltration brands.

Contractors have been contacting Alex for years asking him when he’d come out with another product with new technology, so here it is!Klean Gutter Under a Fir Tree

Working from one of his original expanded metal and micromesh designs (now found in dealer-installed gutter guards like Leaf Solution®), Alex was able to improve the design so the product wouldn’t have to sit flat and still could take volumes of water up through a 6/12 pitch.  The improvements also made the original technology take water even better than ever before.

Rather than build it into a metal frame, we simplified the design and increased the water receiving area to the largest in the industry – 75% more than it’s direct competitors.  This cost a little more to do, but it’s worth it for it’s easy of installation and performance.

And we didn’t stop there: we made Klean Gutter heatable.  Our patent pending heating methodology means one version of Klean Gutter can do it all.  It just makes sense not to complicate things with extra parts and supplies.

Klean Gutter gives you the expertise of Higginbotham microfiltration technology with special features designed just for contractors like you!

US Patents:
US 6,951,077
US 7,714,688
US 8,006,438

Klean Gutter’s heating methodology is patent pending.  Several other features of Klean Gutter are also patent pending.

If you sell any service related to roofing, gutters, landscaping, anything where homeowners ask you for a gutter guard, contact us about making Klean Gutter the product you recommend and install.

Klean Gutter can also be sold under a private label.

Note the amount of debris that gets trapped with a flat gutter guard. Klean Gutter is pitched so leaves and pine needles are less likely to collect on the system.