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How Can We Help Your Gutter Cover Business?

Over the last ten years, Alex Higginbotham’s technology has been the basis for some of the most successful companies in the gutter cover business.  MGP will put in your hands a gutter cover you can sell with ease and stand behind with confidence.
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Who is MGP – Microfiltration Gutter Products?

What are microfiltration gutter products? Who is MGP? Find out how you can take advantage of the patented technology we’ve brought to the gutter protection industry.
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Klean Gutter

Don’t want to commit to a dealer program but want a genuine microfiltration leaf guard?  Look no farther than Klean Gutter!

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Heated Gutter Guard

All MGP products can be heated if snow or ice are a problem.  Our patent-pending heating methodology creates a heated gutter guard with heat exactly where it can do the most good, under the filter.
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MasterShield Gutter Protection

MGP's MasterShield Gutter ProtectionWe’re looking for the right company to become part of the exclusive network of MasterShield Gutter Protection dealers.  Looking for an exclusive territory and the opportunity to build a well respected brand in your market?
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