Gutter Guards for the Discerning Contractor

Paterson, NJ USA


About’s products are not about sticking a stainless steel screen over a gutter and calling it a guard. 

It’s about creating technology designed to keep rainwater from damaging a home.  It’s about protecting the environment from stormwater runoff and harvesting rain so properties can become increasingly self-sustaining.  It’s about offering great products to enterprising companies so they can build businesses around products with real promises, not marketing messages.  And, yes, it’s also about solving the problem of gutter clogs for good.  We are the Gutter Geeks™!

With our partnerships, home improvement companies have a lucrative opportunity to sell high-quality systems while experiencing consistent cash flow. We are committed to supporting our partners throughout their journey, providing sales training and ongoing assistance to ensure their success. Our advanced micromesh gutter guard systems, industry expertise, and dedication to continuous improvement make us the preferred choice for home improvement companies seeking profitable and reliable gutter protection solutions. is an industry-leading manufacturer of advanced micromesh gutter guard systems focusing on providing highly profitable and easy-to-install solutions, serving the gutter guard industry for over a decade. Expertise, commitment to innovation, and dedication to exceptional customer service have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for home improvement companies. is committed to advancements in product excellence. Our micromesh systems incorporate CopperCareTM technology to deliver superior performance and long-lasting solutions for homeowners. Our gutter guard systems feature state-of-the-art designs and patented technologies that effectively minimize debris, maximize water flow, and reduce maintenance needs.