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MicroMeshGutterGuards.com’s (MMGG) products take their rightful place as the leaders in genuine microfiltration technology.  Our technological advancements have lead the industry and stem from the critically acclaimed industry innovator in gutter guards, Alex Higginbotham.

The features of MMGG products serve a distinct purpose:

  • minimizing debris from getting into a gutter
  • maximizing the amount of water that can be redirected into the gutter
  • minimizing maintenance on the part of the homeowner
  • incorporate properties that allow the filtration element to self-clean

Genuine MMGG technology is not about sticking a stainless steel screen over a gutter and calling it a guard.  It’s about creating state-of-the-art technology designed to keep rain water from damaging a home.  It’s about protecting the environment from storm water runoff and harvesting rain so properties can become increasingly self sustaining.  It’s about offering great products to enterprising companies so they can build businesses around products with real promises, not marketing messages.  And, yes, it’s also about solving the problem of gutter clogs for good.  We are the Gutter Geeks™!

We help growing home improvement companies who want a larger customer base grow their businesses with a highly profitable, easy to install state-of-the-art gutter guard that has the lowest call back ratio in the industry. We offer the most comprehensive dealer program to support our products to take the guess work out of how you can make this happen.

MMGG Innovator Alex Higginbotham Changed an Industry

About MGP Inventor Higginbotham

Real world testing by inventor Alex Higginbotham means you get an MMGG product you can rely on.

MMGG’s patented technologies weren’t created overnight. Each design developed from the original technology of innovator Alex Higginbotham.  Only a handful of people may remember his Leaf Free product–a great start, but a proven failure.  But inventors don’t necessarily get it right all at once.  The critical moment came when he touched the underside of a filter with a contact point designed to redirect water through the filter.  This concept, which he’s patented through multiple embodiments of the underlying technology, was the genesis of change for an industry.

When challenges developed, he built prototypes to address the problem. Dozens of them. Sometimes even more. Often, the challenge he set out to solve got figured out in ways that were completely different from the starting point.  In many cases, it took years to get to a solution.  In fact, the MMGG workshop is filled many designs that just didn’t perform to his standards.

And yet a failure is usually the genesis of a new idea. When something fails, it gives you a reason to work to discover why it failed. And those initial thoughts became the springboard to ideas and ways to overcome the failure.

In our case, it took about seven years to create the next generation of microfiltration, found in MasterShield.  In his expanded metal technology, it took about eight years to get to the next generation.  There were probably more than 200 prototypes of each along the way. That’s 400 failures before we could call MasterShield the Gold Standard of Gutter Protection and release an expanded metal product in Clean Gutter that could outperform his earlier designs.

It was worth the journey to fail, because in our case, failing worked.

The MasterShield Gutter Protection system cannot be installed by homeowners directly. It can be purchased through a network of independently owned and operated dealers with distinct regional territories.  Think this is what your business is looking for? Contact us and say you’re interested in MasterShield.

Klean Gutter can be purchased by contractors without a commitment to a dealership program.   Think this approach appeals to you more?  Contact us and let us know you’re interested in Klean Gutter.

As an installer of either product, you and  your employees are responsible for your own craftsmanship.  MMGG provides a warranty on its products, but cannot control an installer’s decision on suitability of installation.  When installed right, with crews willing to get it right the first time, you can eliminate gutter guard call backs with our products.  How can we say this?  Because we have companies that work with us that have done this successfully for years.

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