Gutter Guards for the Discerning Contractor

Paterson, NJ USA


Why Mastershield Gutter Protection?

The team at MasterShield Gutter Guard Protection are the leaders in micro-filtration performance and technology. Microfiltration has received more critical acclaim than any other gutter guard design. What more can be said than “the Holy Grail of Gutter Protection” as coined by a Master Builder, specifically Tim Carter, of

Microfiltration gutter protection was invented by Alex Higginbotham. His technology was given the highest ratings by a leading consumer testing magazine in their dealer installed and DIY categories.

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We continue to work with Alex to advance and improve the technology so with MasterShield, you can rest assured you’re installing the latest advancements the industry has to offer. In fact, our team has brought about many firsts in the gutter protection industry:

  • The very first micro filter gutter protection, patented by Alex Higginbotham in 2003, which revolutionized the gutter guard industry.
  • The first gutter guard with expanded metal and a micro filter to feature downward extensions, also patented by Alex Higginbotham in 2003.
  • The first gutter protection inventor to acknowledge roof oils as a leading cause of gutter guard failure
  • The first gutter guard to be designed with self-cleaning features to naturally remove roof oils.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive patent portfolio

Unique Features

  • The only under-the-shingle micro filter gutter guard with the Shingle-Safe™ back.  This type of installation has been approved by four of the nation’s largest shingle manufacturers.
  • The first gutter guard designed to be pitched with the roof to minimize homeowner maintenance
  • The only gutter guard with a customizable, flexible back to adjust to multiple types of installations (under the shingle long fin/under the shingle short fin, fascia mounted, hidden hanger mounted)
  • The first gutter guard with a built-in solution to dripping
  • The only gutter guard capable of filtering water vertically
  • The first interlocking micro mesh gutter protection system
  • The first roll formed gutter guard to feature built in I-beams for added strength

Advancements in Heated Gutter Protection

  • The first heated micro filtration gutter guard designed to heat the open air around the filter
  • The first heated gutter guards designed to make the heating feature adjustable
  • The first heated gutter guard designed to continue the heating source onto the roof

Advancements in DIY Gutter Protection

  • The first DIY gutter guard with real micro mesh, not just fine mesh (which can trap debris)
  • The first DIY gutter guard that can be heated
  • The only rigid gutter guard to eliminate the problem of shingle lift

Solutions to Common Problems

  • Real solutions for the dealer to address roof tar and “tobacco staining”
  • Real solutions for the dealer to address moss and algae