Gutter Guards for the Discerning Contractor

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What if a simple change could provide steady, predictable and high-margined cash flow?
What if it's also super simple to slide it right into your existing operations?
Elevate Your Business: Apply to Be a Dealer
What's the Fast-to-Cash product in your business?
Limit your investment in inventory and receivables with a product designed for this. Turning cash fast transforms companies and builds empires.
Elevate Your Business: Apply to Be a Dealer
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Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity

A product is your key to success and rewards beyond imagination!

Tap into a foolproof system with a high-profit product that can increase your ROAS and lead to repeat sales.

Takes Water Over Trough

Lastest Advancements

This means you can sell a system that quickly stands out from the pack and outperforms the competition



Each product carries at least one patent of its own. MasterShield and Klean Gutter share our patented CopperCare technology to raise the bar even higher

Results Oriented

Results Oriented

It's not just about selling a great gutter guard but a sharing a methodology to bring in cash to help you grow

Walked in your shoes


Get help from an experienced team that shares best practices and helps you avoid pitfalls.

Do you want Better Margins?
Do you Have a Fast to Cash Product?

- Karen Sager, President

Complacency isn’t acceptable if you know you can find ways to make systems better for the clients you serve: dealers and homeowners.

- Karen Sager, President

Unmatched in the industry

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Expertise, commitment to innovation, and dedication to exceptional customer service have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for discerning remodelers and home service companies.

It's time to build a Meaningful Partnership

build a business. blow up a product line. change your future.

Profitable Product Lines

Our product lines are unique to meet partners’ needs. We optimize business objectives and provide comprehensive product lines to cater to diverse demands, ensuring a customized solution that exceeds expectations.

Powerful Lasting Partnerships

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You’ll learn more about getting into the gutter guard business here.

Looking to learn a little more?

To achieve impressive results with our premium systems, you’ll be coached to buy pallets and always keep a minimum on the floor at all times.

Fast-to-cash results can only happen when you’re prepared to get the install done quickly after the sale.

Yes! We’ve got a product line designed specifically for anyone looking to purchase this way and not build a business or division around gutter protection.

Best of all, it’ll still set your business apart, not break the bank and let you buy what you want, when you need it.

  • Customizable marketing supplies
  • Sales kits
  • Home show water displays and backdrops
  • An in-home sales demonstration with “built in” training
  • A marketplace of ancillary partners for you to tap into their superpowers for added success
  • 10 pages of objection handling that don’t sound like everyone else
  • …and even more resources you’ll be able to swipe and use

We have a private shopping cart that is only visible to our network so you can conveniently order 24/7.

Pallets typically ship next day.

New Gutters are Great, but If Not Protected will Not Function Properly When Debris Builds Up Causing Clogs that Will Lead To Water Damage

What our clients love and you will, too


  • A great looking product
  • Color choices, something homeowners desire
  • Customized aesthetics for every home
  • CopperCare Technology for self cleaning and superior debris filtration
  • A drip edge that keeps gutters cleaner
  • End caps made right from the product
  • Interlocking panels for seamless and enclosed protection
  • Materials are all metal
  • Strength and flexibility


  • It’s hard to “kill” it with water
  • The best performance in the industry
  • It takes water in over the gutter trough
  • It helps protect the roof, fascia, subroof and more
  • Easily competes against the industry marketing machines
  • Pitched like the roof
  • “I only sell the best and this fits my business model”


  • One sized product fits multiple gutter sizes and styles
  • Adaptable to most roof types, shapes and materials
  • Easy install
  • Interlocking panels help with install


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Long term peace of mind for you and your customers
  • Online warranty registration sent directly to the homeowner
  • Password protected warranty system to eliminate spam
  • Warranty only available if YOU get paid in full.


  • Comprehensive support, training, resources available
  • Responsive team


  • MasterShield dealers are looking to build a multi-million dollar business or new business line to complement their current operations

Design & Materials

  • All metal design
  • High quality materials
  • The sleekness/simplicity of the product
  • Custom endcaps right from the product eliminate dripping
  • The amount of screen over the gutter
  • All filter design, maximizes debris free water into gutter
  • The sheer volume of water that drops in at the seam
  • The way the expanded metal gets the water under the filter so fast
  • It’s very durable, even under heavy snow load
  • The interlocking panels add strength and keep the look seamless over the gutter run
  •  CopperCare™ mesh, once it’s explained why it’s there to people, they just get it
  • Closing with the copper in the mesh

Source, Speed & Stock

  • Manufacturer direct
  • Quick delivery
  • Support
  • Vastly superior to what they get a supply house
  • Very few SKUs to stock
  • Easy of ordering and receiving product

Value and Price

  • Best value in a dealership program
  • High margin in the home
  • Product differentiation
  • The price point for all the features
  • The price point for the performance


  • The amount of water it can take
  • Tested results 
  • Proven reliability in delivering effective protection
  • Can compete with the other “premium” positioned products


  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Comprehensive support, training, resources available
  • Responsive team


  • Klean Gutter dealers are looking to build a multi-million dollar business or new business line to complement their current operations

Design & Material

  • Materials used
  • It’s a micromesh design and it’s not an Amazon product that someone can go around us to get
  • No plastics, a big win
  • Different options fits how installers like to install


Install & Adaptability

  • Installs under gutter lip to make it match the gutter
  • Drop-in version or slide under shingle version make it very adaptable
  • Better than the supply house or box store options
  • Super easy install
  • Hassle free install keeps us moving fast


Source, Speed & Stock

  • It actually comes in copper
  • Copper works on a half round
  • It’s manufacturer direct
  • It’s a commitment free, buy as you need it option
  • Easy online ordering
  • Fast to ship direct


Price & Value

  • Economical and affordable for anyone
  • Sell fewer features but still get high margins in the home



  • Installing under gutter lip makes it take water at any angle
  • Gives homeowners feeling that they’re getting more value for their money
  • Doesn’t drip over front lip the way other screen only products do



  • Manufacturer’s Warranty for added assurance and customer satisfaction


Customer Support

  • Trusted company with a proven track record
  • You get access to a team with technical experience willing to help
  • A calendar of weekly clinics on key topics so you or your team can jump on and get questions answered
  • Monthly peer group meet-ups to help you achieve your business objectives
  • A private membership area for you and your team filled with resources
  • Installation training videos
  • Access to live installation help when you’re in the field during our business hours
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Our approach: set the highest bar for performance

We aim to work with a select, like-minded dealer network that insists on and delivers the best. No one wants to realize a product they’ve invested in hasn’t lived up to expectations in a few short years. We deliver success stories which lead to partnerships and trust in a product that lasts.