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Why Gutter Guards With Openings
or Gutter Guards that Sit Flat

Most gutter guard designs have slots, slits, gaps, louvers—some kind of opening—that allows debris in where it can still clog your gutter. It's old school gutter guard design first developed in the 1890s and made popular in the 1990s with some clever "don't clean your gutters again..." slogans. You're not looking for a gutter that lets in debris, you already own one that does that well enough! With MasterShield, you get something different, the latest advancement in gutter guard technology. MasterShield acts like a solid wall to debris while water reacts as if it's not there at all. MasterShield keeps all debris out all the time. It's one of the reasons why we can say "Your Money Back if Your Gutters Ever Clog".

Why Flat Gutter Covers Fail Most gutter covers that sit flat act like a shelf, which might be a good place to put books if it were in your home. On your gutters, it's trouble because flat systems trap debris. Think of what drops from trees every spring or what happens when pine needles knit together and you'll understand what a problem this is. What's the point if instead of cleaning your gutters you just wind up cleaning off the top of your gutter guard? Pitching with the roof line instantly sets MasterShield apart, since wind can blow down the roof and push off debris as if there were no gutter at all. It takes quite a bit more work to install this way but we insist on it since it means less work for you in the long run.

MasterShield's under-the-shingle installation is approved by FOUR major roof shingle manufacturers: GAF, CertainTeed, Owens-Corning and IKO. These are just a few more reasons why we can stand behind MasterShield with our money back warranty.

Think you'll need a heated gutter guard to deal with winter snow and ice? Be sure to ask about Ice Shield™, the heated version of MasterShield.

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About MasterShield™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

We’re a dynamic gutter guard manufacturer that never stands still from improving the performance expectations of gutter guards which allows homeowners to protect their homes with something simple and beautiful  to get their time back from the nastiest of household chores. We also believe buying a gutter guard doesn’t need to be time consuming and tedious. And our goal is to create insanely useful (and technologically sound) products that work instantly, make life easier, and eventually change our entire industry.

We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement like madmen and madwomen. We’re obsessed with delivering insanely useful and effective gutter guards to our customers.

Our mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in rain water protection . . . and create gutter covers that just do it for our customers.

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